These courses are customized for the needs of organizations wishing to enhance or develop a career development knowledge and practice in their organization.  Dr. Pritchard brings over 20 years working with education systems. This  perspective is coupled with an indepth knowledge of career development, its educational applications, and business relations.  She has also been awarded the title of Master Trainer and NCDA Fellow.

Working with a team, Dr. Pritchard was the lead designer of NCDA's School Career Development Advisor training format and elearning system.  In addition, she had significant input into several revisions of NCDA's Facilitating Career Development training.  She lead the team that developed NCDA Credentialing offerings and chaired the Commission from 2017 - 2019. In the Commission's first year of operation, over 1000 individuals became credentialed.  

Dr. Pritchard can offer NCDA's FCD, NCDA's SCDA, and NCDA Instructor trainings. The trainings can be delivered entirely remotely or in a combination of media (face to face, remote, and elearning).  Any course will be supported by a robust elearning resource with additional materials and tools for application with clients 

Completion of the Facilitating Career Development training qualifies an individual to apply for CCE's Global Career Development Facilitator and NCDA's Certified Career Services Provider.  

Dr. Pritchard is a Career Management Fellow with the Institute of Career Certification International. She serves on the Board of several career development associations, including the Asia Pacific Career Development Association. 

Contact Dr. Constance J. Pritchard or 609-231-9059 (US East Coast time) for more information.  

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Completion of this course allows one to apply for the NCDA's Certified Career Services Provider credential and CCE's Global Career Development Facilitator. .   The course also satisfies the Facilitating Career Development component for NCDA's SCDA Training (leading to NCDA Certified School Career Development Advisor).  Finally, this training satisfies the career specialization requirement for NCDA's Certified Career Counselor Credential.  

The course covers the required sections to qualify for credentials and offers access to more than 300 additional resources.  Additional career topics not included in the NCDA manual are also covered in detail.  

For more information about course details and how to register for the course, contact Dr. Constance J. Pritchard ( or 609-231-9059).