Curated Career Coaching Skills Training seeks to enhance our coaching skills to integrate formal or informal career assessments.  

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The Curated Career Coaching Skills training is a structured curriculum of training and self-studyThe training will focus on helping career advisors manage assessment interpretations so that the client can use the results for decision making, developing strategies to reaching goals, and talking about themselves in ways that matter to potential employers.  It focuses on the assessment interpretation process and how to engage the client, how to use coaching communication skills effectively, and how to build a client centered process. 

Competences covered in this training are:  

  • Demonstrate knowledge of coaching techniques applicable to interpreting career assessments 
  • Plan and execute an assessment interpretation   
  • Identify productive strategies for handling client concerns or questions 
  • Utilize tools to help a client apply assessment results to career goals    

This training is applied learning.  Lessons will provide coaching content techniques, examples, and activities. Participants will learn through practice, quizzes, reflection, and observation.  Integral to the training is practice and reflection.   

This training will also incorporate the use of a psychometric profiling assessment with a psychological construct related to the traits theory.

The learners will invest 18 hours in the training.  Of that time; 10 hours will be in practice through remote learning (5 remote sessions.)  An additional 6 hours will be spent on the elearning topics.  A robust elearning system will support the development of knowledge and skills.    

For more information about course details and how to register for the course, contact Dr. Constance J. Pritchard ( or 609-231-9059).