Welcome to our elearning based continuing education course.  You may complete this course on your own timeline within 8 weeks of your registration and payment.  After that time, you will be removed from the course.  

You will be awarded 10 contact/clock hours for completing this course.  That means you should plan to spend about 10 hours on the course and its assignments.  

When you complete this course, you will be able to:

1 Describe the fundamentals for organizing your career business

2. Understand how to set fees and research other business operations.

3. Describe the components of consultative sales and how this technique differs from other selling strategies. 

Each topic has a reading and an assignment that you must complete.  Please post the assignment as indicated. No one else will be able to view your results or what you have written.  When posting, be sure to hit "submit" so that the instructor is notified that you have posted.  The instructor will respond to your assignment.  

If you have any trouble with any assignment or the technology, please contact Dr. Constance J. Pritchard  cjpritchard@pritchardgroup.com   609-231-9059.

RELEVANT COMPETENCIES: Promotion and public relations, program management/implementation, technology, training 

COURSE COST:  $200          # of CONTACT HOURS:   10

TO REGISTER:  Contact Dr. Constance J. Pritchard at cjpritchard@pritchardgroup.com.   609-231-9059